About Don Adshead Trucking

Don Adshead Trucking, Temiskaming Shores

Don Adshead Trucking is a professional and reliable business, serving the public since January of 2000. With over 20 years under their belt
Don Adshead Trucking offers several services including; snow removal, basement repairs, landscaping, land clearing,
aggregate hauling, short and long haul trucking, septic bed installation, equipment floating & more.

In addition, Don Adshead Trucking offers equipment rentals including; loader, excavator, live bottom, dump trailer,
belly dump, bulldozer, dump truck & more. Don Adshead Trucking takes pride in their ability to provide
customers with high quality services, and offers competitive rates. Please contact Don Adshead Trucking for any inquiries.

Don & Team look forward to hearing from you and are thrilled to contine to serve such
an amazing community.